Where Am I?

by Ed Lau on September 30, 2014


You may have noticed I haven’t written here in awhile. I may use this site again someday but for now, you can find me online at my food blog, EdEats.com as well as the following

Ed Lau Photography

Vancity Buzz: Vancouver Food Porn

Instagram: edlauphoto


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The New #CHBTV at Canucks Hockey Blog

by Ed Lau on January 26, 2013

With the lockout over and hockey back, we’ve decided to spruce up CHBTV over at Canucks Hockey Blog and do them bi-weekly. Nothing fancy, just Vancouver Canucks fans talking hockey, settling arguments and maybe a beer or three.

We’re not sure where we’re going with this but we’ve got a pretty good idea. It’ll be a fun learning experience for me as well, giving me something to film and edit. If you’re a hockey fan, check us out! If you have a discussion topic or question or maybe you want to come join us one week, let us know!


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Things I’ve Gone To Lately

by Ed Lau on December 14, 2012

Since these are more food related, my latest adventures have mostly been posted over at my food blog, EdEats.com.

Vancouver Christmas Market

A week or so ago, my friends and I dug our Christmas cheer out from storage and headed to the Vancouver Christmas Market. From November 24th to December 24th, Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza is blanketed with various festive eats, crafts and entertainment. There’s ornaments, nutcrackers, mulled wine, sausages and all the sorts of things you’d expect to find this time of the year. Well, I guess sausages are good all year round.

The Vancouver Christmas Market feels very European-influenced, mostly German. That’s quite a stark contrast from Vancouver as we’re mostly a West Coast and Asian food society and I can only think of one local German restaurant off the top of my head. Of course, not to be outdone, when I went, Vancouver was her usual rain-soaked self.

Admission is $5 ($2 for kids 12 and under or if you go on a weekday afternoon) and it’s good for the entire duration of the market. It gets crowded on the weekend in the evening.

Whole Foods Holiday Preview

A few days ago, Whole Foods invited a group of local food bloggers and media to their Cambie location to show us some of the special new products they’re stocking on the shelves as well as to share some food and drink. I’ve never been to a party in a supermarket before, so I didn’t really know what to expect for a sneak peek of Whole Foods Market’s holiday gift items.

Denise Breyley, Whole Foods’ local forager, explains how they want to provide top quality products but also try to emphasize shopping local whenever possible. Many of the items shown tonight are made in BC while others come from our neighbours in Seattle.

Ocean Wise/Vancouver Aquarium Event at Oru

I was a little surprised to receive an invite from the Vancouver Aquarium and Ocean Wise for their event to promote sustainable seafood. I thought that must’ve meant that they never found all the posts I made about how I wonder what penguin tastes like or if there was only one bluefin tuna left on the planet, that fish is going in my face. I mean, someone’s going to eat it. Might as well be me.

However, if we can prevent delicious, delicious animals from extinction, then by all means, we should. I would be quite sad to find out if some of my favorite foods were no longer available because they simply don’t exist anymore. Heck, maybe dodos or the Pyrenean ibex or that weird half-zebra, half-horse looking thing tasted amazing and now we’ll never get a chance to eat them because people wanted to mount their heads over their mantles.


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Follow Me On Instagram

by Ed Lau on November 15, 2012

Right, so I’m on Instagram now. Actually, I’ve been for awhile but didn’t really use the service til now since I didn’t think it was really necessary since I’m on so many different photography-related social media sites already. However, it’s a really fun way to share pictures, especially from a camera phone.

Actually, the primary reason I got myself on Instagram is to try out posting pictures from my 5D3 on the go. It sounds sort of complicated but it really isn’t. Basically JPEG copies of pictures taken by my 5D are sent wirelessly to my iPad (the RAW file stays in the camera), where I can edit and post to Instagram. Results? High resolution photos treated with Instagram’s ridiculous filters. Tried it out for the first time this past week at a media event for Ocean Wise and the Vancouver Aquarium.

It’s a cool experiment and a fun way to post everyday camera phone photos from my daily routines so if you’re on Instagram, follow me and let me know so I can check out your photos as well!


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Nearly every photographer I know is in a constant search for the perfect camera bag, the one that fits the equipment they need, looks good and comfortable enough to carry around for a long period of time. However, unless you’re a very specific type of photographer and really specialize in one particular style of photography, there is no such thing as the perfect bag. There’s a different perfect bag for every situation given the gear set you need that particular day.

As such, I know photographers with entire closets full of camera bags and I’ve got four or five myself. However, none of them were ideal so I decided to sell as many as I can and search for bags that work for me and that I’d keep for a very long time. Personally, I think I need just two, maybe three “perfect” bags. One for every day use and one for hauling everything, probably a backpack that fits in the overhead compartment that’s isn’t too enormous to hike with. However, since I recently sold a lot of gear and condensed my kit down to a single 5D Mark III body and three prime lenses, I decided to search for an every day camera bag first.

My requirements were simple and I only have three.

  1. Fits my 5D Mark III, lenses, memory cards, 580EX II flash and sometimes my 15″ MacBook Pro with Retina Display. I wouldn’t carry my laptop all the time but it’s important that it fits so that I can.
  2. With all my gear in it, I didn’t want a bag that’s more than 6″ deep. Experience with thicker bags has taught me that if they don’t stick close to your body, they feel unwieldily.
  3. It has to look good. I’m tired of the black nylon and canvas bags that look like camera bags. I was looking more for something Indiana Jones or Jack Bauer might carry if they needed a great camera bag.

My first choice was the ONA Union Street but after reading a little about it, the front pocket is almost inaccessible and it bulges greatly when it’s full of gear. At $289, it wasn’t exactly thrifty either but damn do these bags look fantastic.

Your choices are rather limited when it comes to bags not made by Lowepro, Kata or Tamrac. Billingham bags are even more expensive and smaller. The one I was looking at would’ve been quite a tight fit for my laptop.

I don’t know how I stumbled upon Kelly Moore Bags but the Thirst Relief bag checks off all the boxes above and at $229, it’s $60 less than the similar looking Union Street but with usable front zippered pockets. Strangely, there’s very little on the interwebs about the Kelly Moore bag, which one only one of two the company designs for men (all the others look like purses) so I guess I’ll have to write one after I’ve lived with this bag for a little longer. The waxed canvas will only get better looking with age.

I’ve only had it for a couple weeks so I can’t tell if it’s the “perfect” camera bag yet but it’s doing a great job so far. Look for a full writeup sometime soon!


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