A Bathing Ape, Part 2: What the hell?!

by Ed Lau on November 18, 2006

Today was an exciting day. I’m usually excited anytime I buy something, really. Today is the day that I pick up the hoodie that I bought a earlier this week.

So I drove down to a post office in Point Roberts since I hate paying duties on anything and after waiting almost half an hour for an old man to finally find the box address to me (to be fair, there were hundreds of boxes there…but the two other workers got packages almost immediately.) I discovered that…

…they sent me the wrong freakin’ hoodie!

The bad news is I didn’t want this one despite the fact that the shark hoodie is pretty freakin’ awesome. Of course it looks absolutely ridiculous when you zip it all the way up (it covers your face…and you can’t see jack.) but…c’mon…it’s a shark when you zip it all the way up!

The good news is…this shark hoodie costs a couple hundred more than the one I was buying so I’m not going to return it. At worst, I’ll just sell it and make a couple hundred bucks. Plus, I’ve already bid on another one of the white that I was originally waiting for.

Oh well.

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