Annual REVscene Staff Dinner

by Ed Lau on December 3, 2006

Among my many jobs and responsiblity is, a local car enthusiast forum that is home to 42,000 members and where I’ve met many close friends over the last five years. I’m one of the folks that keeps the forums clean as well as helping volunteer at and organize events every year such as our many car meets, nights out and booths at car shows. I’m one of few who have been on the board as long as I have and one of several staff members that keeps REVscene running. No, we don’t get paid (all the sponsorship money goes right back into the site really) but over the years, the perks and hookups that the site has given me has more than compensated my time.

And so, each year, the execs recognize our efforts by taking us out to dinner. For the last few years, it has been at the Spaghetti Factory but we’ve become bored of that place (and I don’t particularly like the service there) so this year, we went to a little Italian place near 4th and Arbutus in the middle of Kits called Presto Cucina which was actually pretty good.

My warm spinach salad was a bit salty from the excess of basil leaves and cooked proscuitto (I don’t happen to like it cooked…I’d prefer proscuitto the way it is) but the dressing was very good. The Pesto Shrimp Penne was also very tasty with loads of shrimp and fresh mushrooms. We polished off a couple bottles of wine and a few slices of cheesecake as well. All in all, a good time with some good friends outside the internet.

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Michael Kwan December 3, 2006 at 11:37 pm

RS represent! :) Were you all flashing your lanyards?


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