Because You Never Know When You’ll Need Pants

by Ed Lau on August 26, 2008

…really? Who thinks to themselves at 3am “Oh #*%&, I’m in serious need of jeans!”

Jeansmate, Jeans Mate, 24 hours, jeans, denim, Japan, Tokyo

Probably the least useful 24 hour store ever. When Carl first told me about JeansMate stores being open 24 hours a day, I totally didn’t believe him. I mean, some folks find themselves craving ice cream in the middle of the night. Some require toothpaste or perhaps toilet paper…but who thinks to themselves that 3am is a good time to go shopping for denim?

This is all the more crazy because JeansMate is usually located in major shopping areas of Tokyo, which mean they are no where near where anyone lives. This wouldn’t be too strange in most cities but after midnight, Tokyo is absurdly difficult and expensive to commute in with short taxi rides going for 30-40% more than usual and all the subways shutting down.

Jeansmate, Jeans Mate, 24 hours, jeans, denim, Japan, Tokyo

We never had the opportunity to go to JeansMate in the middle of the night so I can’t say how busy the stores are in the early morning but I can’t imagine there being too many people in need of pants at that time of night. However, I also thought that there’s no way someone would wrap my 100Y dessert in 325931Y worth of packaging or that I would eat raw chicken on purpose. I guess that’s just the weirdness of Japan.

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Custom T-Shirts Toronto August 27, 2008 at 9:47 am

Maybe the wages are so cheap in Japan that they can afford to hire someone to have it stay open 24 hours a day. I dunno, how are the salaries there?


slif August 27, 2008 at 11:36 am

what brands do they sell? and the subways are closed after midnite???


Eva White August 28, 2008 at 1:15 am

I guess you can say it takes the stress of jostling with others while shopping. After all you would be the only one there at midnight!


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