Could There Be A 300 Sequel?

by Ed Lau on March 18, 2007

A mere week after my 300 experience, I wanted to see it again, this time in IMAX but can’t find anyone who would pony up another $12 to see a movie they’ve already seen…so if anyone wants to go…

To no one’s surprise, 300 was a box office success, grossing $70 million on opening weekend, which is apparently a record for March. Remember that it wasn’t a holiday weekend either. On the heels of his amazing Spartan opus of awesome, Frank Miller is apparently working on a sequel already, Variety reports.

Miller is also prepping a follow-up to “300″ based on another mythic tale from Greek history, but he won’t divulge details. And he’s planning to direct his adaptation of comic auteur Will Eisner’s “The Spirit” for Odd Lot Entertainment after he finishes “Sin City 2.”

Of course, the story was quickly picked up by Digg, where everyone proceeded to come up with ridiculous names for the movie, including “300 2: Die Sparta-er!” (a reference to Die Hard 2 for those of you living in a cardboard box).

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