Dinner at Ebisu

by Ed Lau on February 4, 2007

So last night, nearly the entire mod crew of REVscene.net descended upon Ebisu, a new restaurant on Robson street opened by our friend and long time member, Deon. The execs were treating all of us to dinner for our hard work over the last year and also handing out some trophies to the best of the best. Yes, I was among the winners but hey, not hard to do when you belong to just about every mod group! Thanks to the execs and all the other mods for keeping RS.net running!

Ebisu is located at 827 Bute Street, which is across from Bread Garden, where Hooters used to be. My first impressions were that the ambience is excellent with just enough lighting that you know who you’re talking to and warm lights so the place seems cozy. Seems like a great place to bring a date or have a birthday party (there were three going when we were there.) Even thought we had more than 30 people in our party, we had enough leg and elbow room, even when we got a bit rowdy after a few drinks. The funishing is very nice with combinations of dark woods and greenery. There are several LCD TVs in the restaurant and there are wings and cheap pitcher specials, making it a good spot to watch the game as well.

The menu featured a Dine-Out Vancouver-like $25 three course special. I chose to start with the soft shell crab salad. The deep fried soft shelled crab’s texture was delicious, not oily and quite light tasting as the seasonings went well with the simple salad of greens, tomato, oil and vinegar. I would’ve loved to have more of that salad. Oh, let me take this time to let everyone know that you eat everything with chopsticks here.

My entree was the rack of lamb, which was a tad smaller than I expected by the cheese potatoes on the side there was actually very filling. The lamb was well cooked to a medium rare as I requested and coated with a simple jus. As with the appetizer, the natural flavors of the meat aren’t covered and the lamb is excellent. My only complaint would be that it wasn’t as warm as I would like but that’s to be expected when the place is packed and our party was more than 30 people. I would’ve loved to have some more of that asparagus too.

The dessert was a Crème Brulée Cheesecake, which was amazing. It was more of a New York cheesecake so the cream cheese is thick and served cold, which I love. The crème brulée sugar crust was crispy and perfect. It was delicious. I’m not a huge fan of seriously sweet things and the cheesecake was a bit sweet but I loved it nonetheless.

The wine list featured quite a few reds and whites along with a good selection of beer including Granville Island Honey Lager and Pale Ale as well as several Japanese beers like Asahi. Also on the list were quite a few quality sakes, which are split into two categories depending on whether they should be served warm or cold. Deon also has a nice list of shots and cocktails, which are creatively mixed and served in something that looks like a glass flower pot. It’s basically a glass inside a larger glass of ice. Very nicely done. The same idea applies to the beer pitchers which have a compartment for ice so that your beer is kept cold but not watered down by the melting ice.

Overall, I’d recommend Ebisu for any number of occassions as the food is good and affordable and the place looks amazing. Service was excellent considering we had such a large party and there were several other large parties there as well. Oh, every one of the waitresses that were there last night was a looker. Seriously, I missed two of the three Canuck goals because I was distracted or talking to one of the waitresses. So guys, consider yourselves warned if you bring a date. Be sure to bring blinders or you might find yourself single!

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Carl February 4, 2007 at 8:02 pm

Hearing the name, I thought it would be a Japanese restaurant.. The decor looks like it has some “azn-ness” to it as well.. But the food looks 100% west-coast! That’s nifty


Andreas (MajinHurricane) February 4, 2007 at 9:37 pm

Nice review ronin. I love their pumpkin soup!


Michael Kwan February 4, 2007 at 11:45 pm

I’ve been meaning to try them out. Place looks great.


Stephen February 6, 2007 at 12:22 am

Wasn’t there a song that goes with this?

“We’re going to EBISU! We’re gonna have a party!”


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