Dot Com Pho – Post Olympic Blues Edition

by Ed Lau on March 7, 2010

The previous two weeks have been so incredibly awesome that it’s been difficult for me and thousands of others to get back to normal. I mean, if you took a look at Twitter lately, you’ll probably see a lot of tweets reminiscing about and lamenting the fact that the Olympics have come and gone. John is far too old to have experienced anything but the tamest parts of the Olympics festivities but for those of us who lived through something as awesome as THIS, it’s no surprise we’ve got Olympic hangovers.

This week, we go to the happiest place on earth, Happy Pho, where we meet the president of Blenz Coffee, George Moen and I tell him that if he opens a place right outside my house, I would probably never have to leave. Conveniently, a coffee shop recently vacated a location on my street. Of course, I’d like a section just for me that’s fenced off by velvet rope or a cool VIP card…preferably one made from a solid piece of aluminum so it leaves a nice CLANK when you set it down on the counter.

Joining us this week is Aaron Koo, Michael Yurechko, Marilyn Anderson, Bonnie Sainsbury and Wolfgang. Apart from the Olympic hangover, I also tell of how I got my ass kicked at a concert and we order some all new items at Happy Pho.

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