I hate the Canucks!

by Ed Lau on November 7, 2006

…oh wait…they won last night, so I love them. Bandwagon what?

Seriously though, how come this year’s Vancouver Canucks only seem to be exciting in the last 2 minutes of a game? The other 58 minutes are a rollercoaster of disappointment and anger (mostly mine). For every great play they make, there are three ridiculously stupid ones that erase everything else. I couldn’t believe how many times I yelled at the television yesterday, lashing out at Rory Fitzpatrick or Ryan Kelsler or…suprisingly, Mattias Ohlund. How disorganized is it when even our most stalwart defensive defenseman makes uncharacteristic errors. Missing this wide open net was one of them…

(Source: AP Photo)

The only thing really keeping the Canucks near .500 right now is the stellar if not superhuman play of Roberto Luongo, who at times has not been amazing but during games like last night where he flipped and flopped all over the place to keep that puck out of the net, he’s brilliant.

Watching the Canucks is not for anyone with a heart or bladder condition. I almost had to change my underwear after Ohlund missed and then Pyatt lasered one top corner on Dallas’ also incredible goalie, Mike Smith, who has a name that makes it very difficult to make fun of him during the game. “SMIIIITH” isn’t quite the same as chanting “HED-BURG” or “PAAAAT-TRICK”.

Either way, let’s all hope the Canucks clean up their act or Thursday, I might have to use the same title.

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Stellar Cookware March 11, 2010 at 1:47 am

Johnson and Mitchell but the Canucks management would be dumb not to re-sign Kes and Raymond. In fact it’s been worrying me a little that with all the negative publicity regarding Kes over the Olympics (thanks stupid Van media) he might.


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