Just Exactly How Mega Is This MEGATechNews?

by Ed Lau on March 4, 2007

Although my friend Stephen Fung is quite talented at soothing babies by playing with a spoonful of condensed milk, one might be surprised to learn that this is not, in fact, what he does for a living. Stephen is what is known in our circles as a Dot Com Mogul. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Stephen, he’s the man behind the Futurelooks network of sites, which has recently grown with the addition of MEGATechNews. Originally, Stephen sent me a message on MSN asking if I wanted to review MEGATechNews for ReviewMe but at the time, I was taking one of many afternoon naps and had missed the opportunity. However, a few days later, he would ask me to review the site anyways. Hey, I’m not going to argue with being paid to blog!

MEGATechNews is a tech news blog. It seems like all real news is posted on blogs like this these days. I mean, PerezHilton.com and thesuperficial are leading sources of celebrity news while Hypebeast and highsnobiety tell you all you need to know about fashion. MEGATechNews has a particular focus on computers and the like but it is not uncommon to find posts that deal with other interesting stories happening in the world of science or just news in general. Today, for example, had a post in regard to what was apparently the grave of Jesus Christ. Many of the posts lead to interesting news items and are generally good reads. The five or six regular posts per day should keep you entertained and up-to-date.

The site is updated with news posts several times a day by Stephen and his Futurelooks team even on the slowest news days. Every so often, a post will round up the latest in reviews and articles from a number of tech sites from around the web. Posts are split between 30 different categories although most deal with computers and the computer industry.

The first thing you’ll notice about the site is that everything lives up to the name and really is quite mega. The banner is big enough to be seen from outer space and, strangely enough, although the logo is a orange RSS feed button, the button itself doesn’t actually link to the RSS feed.

MEGATechNews is covered with a spattering of various ads from several different ad networks including Adsense, TTZMedia and Tribalfusion. One thing that bothered me about the site design is that it is based off a three column template with the right-most column filled entirely with ads. Personally, I think three column templates look messy and disorganized and to have it entirely filled with ads takes away from the look of any site. However, if you’re the sort of person who is bothered by internet advertising, you can read the site from the RSS feed, which is a full feed.

The site is off to a promising start but my concern is that it doesn’t contain enough original material and lacks any personalization by the authors. News is all well and good but the purpose of any blog regardless of subject matter is for the author to give their take on the issue. I wouldn’t mind just a couple sentences with some of the author’s views. Stephen isn’t a boring guy so having his or his staff’s views, even if it’s a short blurb, would be a nice addition.

Well, this starts me off with ReviewMe. If you want me to review your site, you can order through my ReviewMe page.

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Gary Lee March 5, 2007 at 12:30 pm

Good Review! I wonder if it’s possible to list competitors to this site to gauge the quality of content relative to other tech sites. I just think it would be helpful to just know.


Gurjit Sidhu March 5, 2007 at 6:37 pm

In India, a REAL dot com mogul live in Palaces, drive expensive cars and carry multiple wives. Mr. Stephen Fung is far from being a real dot com mogul.

Don’t aim so low. You should look up to a real Indian hero, like Azim Premji (http://www.forbes.com/lists/2006/77/biz_06india_Azim-Premji_1UFS.html).

He is is a TRUE dot com mogul.


Kenny March 6, 2007 at 11:02 pm

Mega Tech News just seems like any other news scraper site, nothing special. I did find the logo interesting though as it lives up to its name! :)


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