Leeroy Jenkins: World of Warcraft Legend

by Ed Lau on March 8, 2007

Even though I’ve been clean and sober after WoW rehab for a bit more than four months now, I still occasionally keep in touch with my friends from the game as well as keep up with certain interesting developments. It’s a dangerous thing since just a little taste could send my ass into a WoW relapse and I must say, I do get the jitters to go back and play sometimes.

Personally, one of my goals in the game was to be as badass as possible and for everyone to know who I am. Heck, even though I’m four months removed and my character is ten levels behind, the gear that’s on him is still competitive and I’m sure much of the server still knows who I am. However, while I’m only well known on Kilrogg, there are a few players who gain notoriety beyond simply their server. Leeroyjenkins is one such player.

I knew that this thing was going to be big the first time I watched that video and knew it was going to be huge when I saw Alex Trebek say his name on Jeopardy. Leeroy is basically an idiot who, in the popular video that made its rounds all over the internet, runs into a dragon egg infested area of a castle and gets his entire raid group killed while yelling things like “LEEEEEEEROY JEEENNNNNKINS!!!!!” and “At least I have chicken!” It was pretty hilarious at the time and even my guild wouldn’t shut up about it for days. To this day, running in before we’re ready is “pulling a Leeroy” or “Leeroying it.”

It also prompted us to arrange one of the most fight nights we had while playing the game. We went and tried to replicate the Leeroy scenario but try to survive. Yep, that means fighting a couple hundred baby dragons, about 20 larger ones and a big ass dragon at the end without taking breaks to heal (regen only) or resurrect the dead folks. The funny thing is, the fight took a good twenty minutes but we managed to survive…but then again, we were some of the best in the biz. =)

Anyways, a reporter went and did an article on the legend of Leeroy Jenkinss and it’s a fun read. Check it out.

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