Lunch at DB Bistro Moderne

by Ed Lau on July 23, 2009

DB Bistro Moderne is now closed.

DB Bistro Moderne, Vancouver, Daniel Boulud

I had been curious about DB Bistro Moderne for some time now. It’s where Feenie’s used to be located but has obviously been renovated and renamed after Lumiere and Rob Feenie parted ways last year. DB stands for Daniel Boulud, a fantastic French chef from New York. DB Bistro Moderne is a sort of slightly more casual dining experience compared to it’s next door high-end counterpart, Lumiere, which is also now operated by Boulud.

The Dot Com Pho crew has been to Lumiere and Feenie’s many times in the past few years and we have always enjoyed the high end takes on casual dining at a reasonable price. We were slightly disappointed when Feenie’s disappeared when Rob Feenie went to work at Cactus Club but we were excited to try out Chef Boulud’s work. John Chow, Stephen Fung, Greg Morgan, Adarsh and I met up for a late lunch (with me showing up especially fashionably late) at one of Vancouver’s hottest gourmet spots.

We all arrived ready to take on the DB Burger. You may recall the last time we were here for the Feenie burger, we were all on the verge of death. I can’t remember if it was death due to the deliciousness of the food or the massive amount of burger that we all stuffed our faces with. That burger started at a very reasonable $16 but after we had added on the fois gras, short ribs and other sides, it came to around $60 so we were quite surprised that the DB Burger was a mere $28 for a sirloin burger filled with braised short rib, black truffle and served on a Parmesan bun. We were even more surprised when our waitress told us that although the menu doesn’t say so, the patties each have a chunk of fois gras in the center. Adarsh and Greg wimped out and went with the Frenchie burger which is a sirloin burger covered with blue cheese and arugula while John and I went with the main event. Stephen, being the sick freak of nature that he is ordered a Frenchie burger to start…and then the DB burger.

DB Bistro Moderne, Vancouver, Daniel Boulud

Since I expected to be eating a lot of meat, I ordered a simple mixed salad to start. Light, crisp and refreshing topped with a simple vinaigrette and crispy fried garlic. The mushrooms on the bottom were especially delicious.

DB Bistro Moderne, Vancouver, Daniel Boulud

John went with a much more extravagant salad to start. This is the Nova Scotia lobster salad, which is believe is actually an entree. There’s some big chunks of lobster in there along with some mixed greens, haricot verts and finished with a pesto dressing.

DB Bistro Moderne, Vancouver, Daniel Boulud

This is Stephen’s appetizer, the Frenchie burger. Some people don’t like blue cheese but we’re all fans here at the table and we all thought it smelled amazing.

DB Bistro Moderne, Vancouver, Daniel Boulud

Here is the main event: the DB Burger. Before I get to the burger, I’d like to comment on those fries…which were delicious. Very crispy without being burnt and well seasoned. I remember the fries at Feenie’s being bland, soggy and full of oil so this is a massive improvement. If I wasn’t so full at the end of this, I would’ve ordered another plate of fries!

DB Bistro Moderne, Vancouver, Daniel Boulud

The hamburger patty is cooked to a beautiful medium rare with a pink center. Everything is freshly ground from top sirloin in house so it is perfectly safe to not cook it all the way, which I believe is the only way to enjoy meat. Cooking things all the way through just spoil the natural flavor although I wouldn’t try this with your regular variety burgers. In the center is a generous amount of succulent beef short rib and a chunk of fois gras. You can really taste the melting fois gras infusing its way through the patty. Even the bun was good. Slightly crispy with a great Parmesan taste.

The burger itself isn’t gigantic but it is a very hearty meal. We were all very full by the end of our meal but not to the point where we could’ve rolled over and died like when we had the Feenie burger.

DB Bistro Moderne, Vancouver, Daniel Boulud

We were actually all ready to call it quits but when the waitress came around and told us about the day’s special dessert, none of us could resist. Greg and Adarsh did at first but once we got ours, they fell to peer pressure. This is a coconut/white chocolate mousse with a passion-fruit sorbet and candied macadamia nuts. The mousse is very rich in flavor but light in texture without being overly sweet. We may have waited a little too long for the sorbet as it was slightly too melty but also delicious.

Overall, a fantastic three hour lunch with great service…although that could’ve had something to do with being the only people in the whole place and having the entire staff waiting on us. I think with everything included, our bill between the five of us came to around $300. A great experience and I’m sure we’ll be back sometime soon.

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Kev July 24, 2009 at 10:08 am

That DB burger looks delicious!


Termite Control July 25, 2009 at 1:32 am

Looks very tasty and healthy.


Free Arcade Games July 27, 2009 at 12:12 am

Wow, eating like celebs :)



Make money And blogging tips July 30, 2009 at 7:56 pm

what a big burger . i wonder how to eat it


Sue | Used Cars August 2, 2009 at 11:45 pm

Wow its only 9pm here in South Africa and my mouth is just watering Ed, I just love blue cheese as well and normally order it as a sauce for both hamburgers and steak alike, it really looks as though you all were well feed. :)


Eric Tan August 4, 2009 at 1:05 pm

The dessert looks too awesome to eat… the Hamburger is just the right size i think!


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