New Hotness from Lupe Fiasco

by Ed Lau on December 18, 2007

Nas said a few years ago that hip-hop was dead and few thought he was wrong. The majority of mainstream rap these days is the same, talking about cars, money, and bling-bling. Even some of the best in the biz like Jay-Z and Kanye West still delve into generic rhymes about their money and fame on occasion. Even worse are all these horrible songs that have come out in the last year with little or no lyrical prowess that get huge radio play. The fact that Soulja Boy with his stupid BS Crank Dat song and Mims telling us why he’s hot are two of the most popular songs of the year are sure signs that hip-hop is about to be buried.

There are, however, some artists that refuse to conform to the new standards in rap and inject a sort of cerebral quality to the genre with their lyrics and flow. One such artist is Lupe Fiasco. In all honesty, I first listened to his music after reading an interview he did with GQ and discovering his blog (now gone) on Hypebeast. I heard of him previously in guest spots on a couple of Kanye tracks but largely ignored the buzz surrounding him but after I picked up his first album, Food and Liquor, I was convinced he had some of the best, most clever lines in rap today. Kick, Push II is an absolute gem and brings back memories of days when hip-hop told intricate stories rather than how many diamonds a guy has in his teeth.

Check out his first single from his new album, The Cool, here called Dumb It Down.

Take notes, Soulja Boy. Anyone can rhyme “party” with “Baccardi”…

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krillz December 19, 2007 at 9:08 am

well I feel like hip hop has gotten worse and worse.
But I also feel that hip hop has begun to transform and mix with other genres, like the beats from timbaland mixed with rap and other singers from other music genres. Which gives it a good new taste.

I mean music is kind of the same as food, you can’t eat lasagna for 2 years straight without getting tired of it, the same thing applies to music. What makes good music is the new and cool approaches that sound so danm good.

One song that has mixed a techno/nitendo kind of music beat with rap is Adam Tensta from sweden. The sound is new and cool.

Here’s the vid if you are interested in hearing the song:


Leo December 19, 2007 at 4:36 pm

“bitch” and “nigga” . . . clever.


Michael Kwan December 26, 2007 at 5:44 pm

I’ve always appreciated the rhymes of guys like Lupe Fiasco, Talib Kweli, and Kanye West… although the last of which comes off sounding pretty ignorant sometimes.


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