Now If There Were Only Some Decent Games…

by Ed Lau on February 23, 2008

Sony Playstation 3, PS3

So with the next-generation DVD format war all but over, I thought I should invest in a Blu-Ray player. I’ve been wanting to just buy either that or a HD-DVD player for the longest time since I don’t even have a DVD player other than my Xbox 360 (which is too damned loud to watch anything comfortably) but thought I should just wait to see who comes out on top. Honestly, I’m a bit surprised Sony emerged as the victor even though the number of Playstation 3′s sold dwarfs the number of HD-DVD players by…a lot. I mean, we just mentioned today at Dot Com Pho that Sony didn’t exactly have the best track record. We thought it goes something like this:

Sony Rep (circa 1975): Today, we’d like to introduce Betamax!
Sony Rep (circa 1980): #%*^!

Sony Rep (circa 1992): Today, we’d like to introduce Minidisc!
Sony Rep (circa 2000): Double #%*^!

I still don’t think it’s a particularly good gaming system simply because…well, there aren’t any good games on the damned thing yet. Yes, I’m aware there are some good games but I already have them all for Xbox. However, with Metal Gear Solid 4, Gran Turismo 5 and others on the horizon, I guess it’s not a bad time. That and it is MUCH quieter than the jet engines in my Xbox, upconverts well and the Blu-Ray library is increasing everyday. My only real complaint is the only free Blu-Ray movie included with the system is that horrible Spider-Man 3. God, I don’t even want to watch that #%&* again…

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Carl February 24, 2008 at 5:13 am

You can add UMD to the list of failed Sony proprietary media formats!

BTW Microsoft has discontinued their XBOX 360 HD-DVD player


Malcolm Owen February 24, 2008 at 10:54 am

I would be inclined to say that the PSP would count as a failure in progress, especially when you compare it to the Nintendo DS. Sony are working… ish… at getting the PSP to kick ass thanks to things like Skype, but really I doubt that it can reach where the DS is right now…


Ed Lau February 24, 2008 at 10:49 pm

The PSP isn’t really a failure. UMD are, though.

Who the hell wants to pay $30 for something you can only watch on a 4″ screen!?


Michael Kwan February 24, 2008 at 6:28 pm

There are a few good games on the PS3, but you’re right that most of them are also available on the 360. If you like God of War, you might like Heavenly Sword. Resistance is decent too. GT5:Prologue should be good.


Ed Lau February 24, 2008 at 10:47 pm

Heavenly Sword is an exercise in button mashing. When I tried to play the game with some thought, I sucked but I started being awesome after I just randomly smashed at the controller. Not my kind of game.

Resistance probably isn’t terrible but with much, much better shooters (Call of Doody, Gears of War, Vegas, etc) on the 360, I doubt I’ll like it. Launch titles usually blow.

GT5…well, I’ll probably be playing Forza or something until the real thing comes out.


Mike Huang February 26, 2008 at 12:04 am

If you purchased this system back during Black Friday or Xmas sale (don’t know if you guys have this in Cananda), you could’ve gotten a few more dvds for free in a bundle pack.


p.s. The PS3 is the only system that the hackers haven’t cracked yet, so that means no chip :( , but it seems like you buy your games anyways :)


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