Once in a Blue Moon…

by Ed Lau on January 4, 2008

…well, I’m not quite sure when the moon is ever blue but every so often, there comes a day when nothing seriously interesting happens. Sure, we could talk about how Barrack Obama and Mike Huckabee (who freaks me the hell out, actually) staged some serious upsets in Ohio or that all that everyone can talk about is how Britney Spears held her own children hostage in some kind of alleged substance binge. Although I’ve got some interest in the former…and couldn’t care less about the woman that makes Kevin Federline look like Father of the Year, I honestly don’t feel like talking about either.

Coming up later this week will be some movie reviews including 3:10 to Yuma, Gone Baby Gone and Wristcutters: A Love Story. Hopefully I’ll get to Cloverfield when it opens on the 18th and I’ll definitely get to Juno soon as well.

Oh, and maybe some restaurant reviews as well. I recently went out for dinner with Chow Times and Dine Out Vancouver is starting up again.

Any suggestions? Zombie tips? Cooking recipes? Awesome lessons?

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