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by Ed Lau on April 8, 2010

Now when my friends asked if I wanted to go to Original Joe’s for lunch on Sunday, I had no idea what they were on about.

“Y’know, that bar that opened up in Ironwood awhile back.”

Of course, it was about 11am and the prospect of bar food was not really appetizing at the time and it wasn’t St. Patrick’s Day so drinking prior to noon seemed a tad out of the ordinary but what the hell.

Original Joe’s is a Canadian franchise with several locations in Vancouver and across Western Canada. The menu is contemporary casual dining with a number of local beers on tap. From the looks of the place, it would be a good location to watch the game as there are plenty of big screen TVs around and comfortable seating.

The menu is mostly the standard burgers, sandwiches, pasta and salads although I noticed other items like salmon, butter chicken and fish and chips as well. Prices are quite affordable with most entrees falling in the $10-15 range. There’s also a large drink menu with daily specials including at least two different drinks for under $5 each. Even though it wasn’t even noon yet, I couldn’t resist getting a pint of pale ale.

What really surprised me was the amount of food you get for your money. The burgers and sandwiches that my friends and I got were enormous and even some of the bigger eaters had to pack some for the road. You also get your choice of ten side dishes that aren’t small themselves.

This is my beef dip sandwich which comes with a bowl of beef “jus”. I got it with a caesar salad and the mango pasta salad. I was rather curious about the pasta since I’ve never had nor even seen mango in pasta salad before.

The sandwich is delicious. The beef is cooked well, around medium, and sliced thin. The meat was juicy enough that I probably didn’t need the jus but soaking the bread in it made it even better. There’s great bits of caramelized onion and mushrooms mixed in there as well. Probably one of the better beef dip sandwiches I’ve had. My sides were…well, they weren’t bad. My caesar tasted fresh and had chunks of actual bacon in it. The mango pasta salad on the other hand was rather bland and I didn’t notice any mango in it. The dressing is very light and everything tasted of pepper. I probably wouldn’t order that again, especially after seeing the sweet potato fries.

My friends all had great praise for their dishes as well like the pulled pork sandwich and Sicilian burger.

Service was quite good but keep in mind that there were relatively few customers in for lunch. Our waitress was very friendly and our food arrived in a timely fashion. Prices are affordable with my beef dip at $10.99 and a pint of Dead Frog pale ale ($4.75) on special. Great food in a casual bar setting with lots of TVs to watch the game? Can’t see anything wrong with that. I’ll probably be back a few times for the upcoming NHL playoffs.

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