Rocky Balboa: The Best For Last?

by Ed Lau on January 4, 2007

…eh, no.

However, I have to admit, Rocky Balboa is much better than I thought it would be.  Seriously, who thinks “That’s going to be LEGENDARY!” when Sly announces a freakin’ SIXTH Rocky film.  I admit that I would’ve been excited if this was…1991…maybe before the Rocky V debacle.  Honestly, I thought there’s no way anyone would make a movie after Rocky V

The original Rocky was nothing less than an American masterpiece, truly the greatest underdog story ever told.  But after that the series started to become a bit of a cliche.  Rocky II wasn’t great.  Rocky III was but hey, anything with Mr. T has to be ten shades of awesome.  Rocky IV was probably a bit overboard already so it was great to see that Rocky Balboa was a bit of a throwback to the original.  The greatest thing about the first movie was that it was truly against all odds.  While Sly was overmatched in each movie, he did sort of become less and less of an underdog in each subsequent movie until the sixth…where he’s freakin’ fifty years old.  I gotta say though, Sly is in great shape for a dude that’s sixty something years old.

The movie wasn’t anything new but you can’t help but cheer for Rocky.  He’s just a lovable oaf, which is the only thing that made the dialogue even remotely believable.  I could’ve done without some of the dialogue but overall, a seriously enjoyable movie.

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Carl January 4, 2007 at 5:54 am

The greatest underdog story ever told happens to be Karate Kid. Same director I believe. He got it right the second time! ;)


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