Speed Link Sunday! – August 5th

by Ed Lau on August 5, 2007

I’m still in Seattle so these links won’t be as fresh as usual…since I wrote this on Friday. But hey, I liked them so I’m sure they’re worth a read.

Just a reminder to everyone that Michael and I are giving away two iPods to folks who are willing to help us think of a name for our new hockey blog. So far in the last few days, we’ve received over 60 domain suggestions (although to be fair, two readers have been particularly diligent and submitted about 7-8 each.) and we’re grateful for the support so far. Please remember that we require you make a post on your blog with the proper anchor texts in order to be eligible for the prize draws. However, we also realize not every reader has a personal blog and we’ll try to work something out for those folks. But in the meantime, please keep the suggestions coming. We appreciate the help.

  1. Today is Shawn Knight‘s birthday! Shawn sent me some awesome t-shirts last week to distribute to the other Vancouver bloggers and John, Stephen and myself male modeled them. Have a great b-day, buddy. Hope you like the present I sent you.
  2. John Cow has been slapped with a copyright infringement lawsuit. We don’t know much more than that since the Mooooguls won’t reveal any of the more sensitive information but we know they’re not being sued by the site they’re actually trying to copy, John Chow. Nope, John even said he intends to help the Cow with his legal trouble if he can but things don’t look great. John Cow has already stated they don’t intend to fight it since the legal fees would exceed their site’s earnings but hey, let’s show a fellow blogger some support. I know he blatantly copies the Root of All Evil but straight up trying to duplicate his site has, ironically, been one of the more creative endeavors amongst the John Chow copycats.
  3. DoshDosh has a write up on using Facebook as a marketing tool. I wrote about how I joined Facebook last week and saw some immediate effects. There’s much more that can be done with this networking tool…including monetization of your Facebook page! More on that later…
  4. Derek Semmler tells us about some great customer service, especially in regard to Shoemoney. I thought it was an interesting read as I’m probably the poster boy for bad customer service. Well, it’s only because I don’t give a rats ass about London Drugs. Derek is also giving away some t-shirts. Send one my way!
  5. My buddy Carl Nelson, who I work with at hardCOREware.net, arrived back in Vancouver this week…probably just as I was leaving for Seattle. He hasn’t been back in Vancouver for some time now and he experienced some…”reverse culture shock” upon arrival. I’ll let him explain…
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derek August 5, 2007 at 9:15 pm

Thanks for the link love Ed! I’ll be happy to send you on of those t-shirts when you select one of my domain names as the winner for the iPod. :grin:


Shawn Knight August 5, 2007 at 9:32 pm

Thanks for the linkage, bday wishes and gift :)


Leo August 6, 2007 at 1:27 am

Apparently the lawsuit was just a hoax


krillz August 7, 2007 at 4:30 pm

yeah seems like just a linkbait so people would write about it, nice evil way actually!


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