Speed Link Sunday! – June 10th

by Ed Lau on June 10, 2007

In case you’ve just joined us, Speed Link Sunday is when I look around the blogosphere as I know it for posts that I think might interest my readers. I usually do this on occasion in some posts like this morning’s entry for Ms. Danielle’s Zune contest but I usually reserve an entire post on Sunday to spread a little link love around. I usually pick folks who have commented here and/or folks I’ve gotten to know since I started blogging in November. This week, for example, with the exception of John Chow (because his story was just too funny for me not to make fun of), all the posts are from folks who tried to help me set up my Vista Web Remote Desktop, which I’m still working on.

1. John Chow shows how compatible he is with another man (Jason from Techware Labs) as his wife Sarah is sitting right beside him! I don’t know how many levels of weird that is for you but it’s quite a few for me. From the looks of it, Jason is feeling the awkward as well. He calls it magic but it looks like he’s just hoping a little magic might happen, if you know what I mean.

2. Nathan Drach has a #*%&ing hilarious Bud commercial about swearing at the office. Just wait for the boss to say “I’m so proud of you mother#%&*ing #%*&suckers!” as the office downs their frosty ones. Nathan says he usually avoids swearing at the office. I, however, work at a retail store that usually drives me to swearing a lot more than usual…often at customers.

3. Leo Chiang, who encouraged me to punch a girl this week, documents his puking experience at a recent Crossfit workout. Leo is also being pushed around by The Man recently as he’s been asked to take down all his pictures from the upcoming mini-series, Tin Man.

4. My Fish Tank dot Net reflects on World Ocean Day 2007. He’s also got some cool pictures of some freaky-deaky creatures like a weird two-colored lobster (think Two Face from Batman…but in lobster form) and a psychedelic purple spotted frog. It totally looks like the sort you could get high from licking. Heck, it looks crazy enough that I could probably get high from just by licking the picture on my screen.

5. Sound of Gold has a brief history of the New York Stock Exchange. Personally, I think everything about the stock market is amazingly interesting in that it’s so ridiculously complicated and intricate. That and it all seemed so glamorous in the ’80s, as seen in one of my favorite movies, Wall Street.

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ms danielle June 12, 2007 at 1:18 pm

myfishtank.net rocks. i love reading about the wonderful world of water :)


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