Take THAT, Toronto!

by Ed Lau on January 14, 2007

Was anyone as happy as I was when the Canucks embarrassed the Toronto Maple Leafs on their home turf on national television? Yep, we stuck it to them 6-1 on Hockey Day in Canada.

For those of you who don’t know, it’s common knowledge for all fans of every other Canadian hockey team to hate the Leafs and their fans, who consider themselves “Canada’s Team”. To a lesser extent, the same occurs with the Montreal Canadiens but hey, they’re French which is usually a good enough reason.

The best part was the announcers on CBC, who are huge Leafs fans. Despite their official neutral stance, you can usually hear the bias in their commentary. Saturday was no different. As the game wore on with more Canucks goals, you could hear how demoralized they are. The color guy just stopped talking in the third. It barely ever gets better than this for Vancouver fans.

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Masey January 15, 2007 at 12:54 pm

I for one was stoked with the result. Me and the boys turned it into one hell of a long day of beer, hockey and heated debate. We all thought it was funny how the commentators for the Canucks/Leafs game had no idea even what the Canucks players names were. I lost count the amount of times we heard “…and the Canucks player moves the puck up the ice to his team mate…”

It’s kind of sad really…

GO CANUCKS against the Habs tomorrow night! Me thinks it’s going to be a similar white wash!


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