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by Ed Lau on January 24, 2009

Held at the Hyatt Regency in Downtown, Taste B.C. is a food and wine tasting event put on by Liberty Wine Merchants each year to raise funds for B.C. Children’s Hospital – Oak Tree Clinic. So not only do we get to sample a number of wines and great food but it all goes to a worthy cause. There were probably 40 different companies sampling their wines for increasingly tipsy party-goers and about five or six tables with some food to go with all the alcohol.

John Chow and I arrived to a mostly packed house and were handed wine glasses at the door. The first table we stopped at was Mon Bella Bistoria, which was serving Saltspring Island mussels and smoked salmon. We weren’t that impressed with the mussels, served with preserved lemon, peppers, and fire-roasted tomato.

But we agreed that the smoked salmon with capers, tarragon mayo on French crisps were rather good.

Rodney’s Oyster House as on site shucking fresh oysters, served with a variety of sauces. They had one type of hot sauce that nearly burned off my lips!

Gastropod is usually a solid bet for great food but they were rather disappointing tonight. In fact, I don’t even remember what these were. They were tepid and didn’t taste like anything in particular.

I love a good beef dip sandwich and these from O’Douls are no exception.

I mean, look at all that moist, juicy beef…

John was particularly amazed that they managed to make such tiny sandwiches.

The clear winner in terms of food at Taste B.C. was Miku Restaurant and their aburi-style sushi, which is lightly seared and brushed with various sauces.

This is two types of meguro tuna. These were delicious and we agreed that we had to try Miku at some point.

And this is a seared salmon on sticky rice, which is an interesting take on sushi rice.

I know Taste B.C. is all about wine tasting but my opinion on wine probably isn’t worth much. I did, however, get to try some fantastic beers from Russell Brewing and R&B Brewing.

John thought it was sort of ridiculous to drink beer out of a wine glass but…hey, remember where we are…

That isn’t to say there weren’t some great wines as well. Probably the most memorable was the apple ice wine from Forbidden Fruit Winery.

I also went to try some of the drinks made by Fentiman’s. I love finding small batch, natural colas and other carbonated drinks. Once you’ve had a cola made from all-natural ingredients like cane sugar, cinnamon, etc, you really don’t want any more of those artificial mainstream drinks. In fact, I even enjoyed the tonic water, which I really didn’t expect since most tonic water is just gross. We’ve had several people throw up chugging tonic water during our annual REVscene summer meets.

If you have any sort of interest in wine and good food, Taste B.C. is the place to be, especially since it goes toward the B.C. Children’s Hospital so if you can make it next year, see if you can get yourself some tickets. Let us know too so we can say hi.

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