Thank You, Trevor

by Ed Lau on April 6, 2008

Trevor Linden, Vancouver Canucks

It was the end of an era in Vancouver on Saturday and I couldn’t help but cry like a little girl. It’s true. I mean, I can watch Bambi’s mom die a thousand times and I wouldn’t even get close to watery but when it comes to hockey, the Canucks and Trevor Linden, the waterworks will automatically turn on. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but every time I go to the game, I really struggle to hide the tears when they play the dramatic Canucks montage and sing the Canadian national anthem.

Saturday was possibly the last time Trevor Linden will skate as a member of the Vancouver Canucks, as at age 38, he will probably be retiring at the end of this season. Words can’t really describe what Trevor means to the city of Vancouver. Not only is he the greatest Canuck of all time but he has done so much for the city during his twenty year NHL career. Although the team once turned their back on him (he was traded and played for three other teams during the forgettable Mark Messier years before coming back), he never turned his back on Vancouver. I almost can’t imagine a Canuck team without Trevor Linden.

Most of us will remember his heroics in the ’94 playoffs where he led us within a game of winning it all. That’s the essence of his game, really…that he is always working hard, fighting and willing to sacrifice to help his team. He has the ability to elevate when it counts. Sure, there might be other players in Vancouver who have had and will have better statistical seasons and careers when it’s all over but no one compares to Linden when it comes to leadership, teamwork and heart.

His last game was…well, it was a little disappointing as a Canuck team with nothing left to play for lost 7-1 to a playoff-bound Calgary Flames team. It was really a night to remember all that Linden means to the franchise rather than a real game. However, it was nice to see Canucks fans show some respect to Jarome Iginla for getting his 50th goal of season and it was even better to see the Flames show some mutual respect and sportsmanship by sticking around after the game to shake Trevor’s hand and tap their sticks. It was a real classy move by Calgary and expected from a great captain like Iginla.

Thank you, Trevor. Thanks for the years of memories provided us Vancouver fans. You’ll always be our captain and a hockey god here. We hope you’ll always stay here with our team in a city that loves you. You’re the greatest.

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Derek April 8, 2008 at 9:57 am

Thanks a lot, that video got me all teary eyed as well even though I am not a Canucks fan. Trevor Linden is a class guy and seeing the response that he received from the fans and the players was great. It was also nice to see his parents – or I believe they were his parents – be able to participate in the moment as well.


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