The Dot Com Dim Sum @ Sea Harbour

by Ed Lau on March 10, 2007

Taking a break from what John Chow calls “the weekly grind” of Pho on Saturdays, the Dot Com crew decided to head to Sea Habour in Richmond and get some dim sum. Man, it sure is a pain to have to eat all this pho!

Sea Harbour is located on #3 Road across from Yaohan Center. From the outside, it looks rather old and ghetto but it is surprisingly nice on the inside with very helpful, experienced and polite staff (something that’s actually rather rare in Chinese restaurants…). The food arrived promptly and our tea was refilled within seconds of being empty. There was always a waiter or two within a few steps of our table. The food is among the best I’ve had in terms of dim sum. Of course, being a dim sum place on a Saturday, we went ahead and made reservations since every dim sum restaurant is bound to be packed. For those of you who aren’t familiar with dim sum, think of them as Chinese tapas. Small dishes (usually enough for everyone to have a bite or two) meant to be shared, shown by how there’s a Lazy Susan in the middle of our gigantic table. As such, by nature, dim sum is a very social dining experience. This is probably why it usually takes hours upon hours for people to actually leave. The table we had reserved still had people sitting there when we arrived but they were just sitting around and talking. It wasn’t until our buddy Wolf went and stood over them for a bit that they actually left. All hail the conquering hero!

After Wolf got us our table, John helped the Sea Habour staff set it!

Because the place was so packed, it was difficult to find parking. Heck, even illegal parking was difficult to find and personally, I didn’t trust that my fellow Chinese people would be able to drive with the precision necessary to not hit my car in such a tight squeeze. I parked a few stores down near Tom Lee while Stephen Fung took an even bigger risk by parking in the Yaohan parking lot across the street. Being Vancouver, naturally it was raining and we were all rather soaked getting in. Other folks in attendance were the usual Root of All Evil, Sarah and Sally Chow, the comment whore Michael Kwan, and Greg Morgan.

Gary Jones from my hosting company,, joined us as well as Rainer, his son Matthew and Jeff Kee, who was recently implicated for his association in a recent PayPerPost scandal. The funny thing was there was a mix up between them and his Evilness and they went to Pho Lan thinking this was just like any other week! All of us were hysterical with laughter when John told us that they had arrived at Pho Lan, wondering where the heck we were.

After a good hour of standing around, we finally got our table and stacked our table with over 40 dishes of various dim sum delicacies. It seemed as though only myself and John enjoyed chicken feet although Matthew was brave enough to try them as well. Although he complained that they were tough to handle since he wasn’t as adept at holding chopsticks as some of the rest of us, there were no signs of sickness or puking.

Between the 11 of us (and Sally, although she didn’t eat anything…), we easily cleared the table and finished with some great mango pudding. The price at Sea Harbour is a bit higher than usual and our bill, including tip, came to about $300 but it was well worth it. Everything was very good and it looked like it was prepared with care, unlike some other less expensive restaurants. Sea Harbour’s style of preparation was actually rather contemporary at times and there were a few dishes that even I had never seen before. The turnip cakes were prepared almost like cubed potatoes and panfried to a very nice crispiness, served with fried garlic flakes and bean sprouts. Most places serve this dish differently, usually in a cake form. This was probably one of my favorite things today.

Thanks to Gary for picking up the bill! It was a very nice gesture on his part to treat us all to lunch and we can’t thank him enough. In case you didn’t know, Gary owns, which is the company that hosts my blog. I’ve said times before that their service is excellent with support helping newbies like me within minutes and their servers are excellent, not even slowing my site down when I got Dugg. If you use the promo code JohnChowRocks (I should tell them to change that to evil…), you’ll get 15% off anything.

I’ll leave you with Sally’s l337 ninja moves!

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Carl March 11, 2007 at 5:31 am

Next time you go there you have to order the steamed egg custard buns. They are filled with custard an a duck egg yolk.. You’ll never have a bun as good as these :)


John Chow March 11, 2007 at 9:05 am

We did ordered that. Stephen bit into it and it spilled all over. Pretty funny stuff. LOL


Stephen March 12, 2007 at 10:46 pm

They were in honour of you my friend! The yellowest white man we know ;)

Yeah, I it kinda squirted, but at least it squirted away from me :P


Matthew Schmoll March 11, 2007 at 9:38 am

Its not that I cant use chopsticks, its just it was slippery. Don’t judge me! Haha.


Search Engine Marketing April 30, 2007 at 11:16 am


Looking at all that food is making me hungry!



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