The Morrissey – New Made Old Again?

by Ed Lau on September 25, 2009

John Chow and I went to a launch party to celebrate the re-opening of The Morrissey on Granville Street in downtown Vancouver yesterday. Honestly, I never went to the old one so I can’t really tell you how much of a difference the remodeling made but I can tell you I really enjoyed the new look. Done by Vancouver design company Beyond Beige, The Morrissey now looks…old. I know that seems strange to remake something to look older but the effect works really well. The whole place looks worn-in, a classier looking version of the famed New York live house CBGB (although The Morrissey smells a whole lot better…).

Like with everything we do, John shot a video.

These chandeliers, for example, were purchased from antique stores and repeatedly hand-dipped in wax to make them look like they’ve lit the room with hundreds of candles over many, many years.

Lots of pictures hang on the wall in vintage frames. One near the bar has autographs and records from a multitude of rock acts including Morrissey himself and The Smiths. Another wall is full of images inspired, I think, the UK punk rock scene. There are other real interesting touches such as benches made from bed headboards and movie theater seats.

Now the food. I started with the calamari. I can’t seem to remember what the two included dips were and the menus aren’t available online yet. I can remember that one was quite good while the other was far too sweet (which John enjoyed since he is a sugar addict). The calamari was crispy on the outside, tender on the inside.

This is Sarah’s salad. Delicious, fresh greens with a even more delicious vinegrette.

John’s calamari salad. I wish I got this instead since I tried Sarah’s salad and an entire plate of fried anything is way too much.

This is the chicken club house. The caesar salad on the side was inedible for me. There was far too much dressing everywhere, which I believe is a cardinal sin for salads. I left the majority of it on the plate and I hate to waste food but I like for there to be more salad than dressing and not the other way around. The sandwich was decent with great crispy bacon and lettuce but the chicken was a bit dry. I would’ve been better with a bit of mayonaise to moisten it up.

This is the beef stew. The chunks of beef were tender and the gravy was flavorful. John had a steak as well but that picture didn’t turn out well. It looked like a steak and it was cooked to a nice medium rare so I’m sure you can imagine.

Overall, I thought the food could use a little work but was better than many pubs around town. You get good value for money as well. Big plates for mostly in the $8-15 range. There’s a good selection of various beers, cocktails and such at the well-stocked bar as well.

Give it a look if you’re in town for some good food in a fantastically interesting venue.

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Myrtle Beach House Rentals September 28, 2009 at 4:34 am

Thanks for the review.

Your photos turned out very well. That stew looks yummy!!


Sue | Vehicle Financing October 1, 2009 at 12:14 am

Ed I would have to agree with you on the salad thing, there is nothing worse than a salad that is drowned in salad dressing they should rather serve it on the side, I do notice that in many places that if you in deed order a salad you can ask for the dressing on the side, you really live a awesome life and your travels really take you to some great places. I just wish that I had done this when I was younger.


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