The story behind the title image

by Ed Lau on November 6, 2006

If you’re wondering about the banner image up there, it was taken this past summer when I was backpacking through Europe with my friends. I’m sure I’ll bring up other stories about the five weeks I spent another time so let’s just get right to this particular story.

The guy in the image above is a street performer in Paris that my friends and I know simply as “Ball Man”. He does this strangely hypnotic motion with that clear ball to make it seem as if it was floating…and sometimes it does. It’s rather hard to explain, you have to see it in person. He was one of the many street performers in front of Notre Dame and I’m sure I’ll post their pictures here another day. Ball Man, in particular, was one of the more impressive and mesmerizing people and I, along with many others, spent a good 15-20 minutes watching his routine.

If you happen to see Ball Man while you’re visiting Paris, please direct him to this site. Tell him to contact me if he wants a print of his portrait.

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