Top Commentators for July

by Ed Lau on August 1, 2007

For the third month in a row, Leo Chiang tops the commentator list, edging out Samanathon in a real close one.

This month finds Leo back on the set of Battlestar Galactica, although he has to get there in a “typical ricer Asian car” rather than his Mustang. Leo’s a pretty big dude so it’s pretty funny to see him in a tiny little Civic. They better get that car back to him soon. Messing with a guy that has firearms training is usually not a great idea. Apparently Leo is also going to on the new series Bionic Woman, which films in our hometown of Vancouver, BC.

All-Time Highs For July

July was a pretty good month for my blog, hitting all-time highs in RSS subscribers (with 108 earlier this month) and page views (with over 27,000). I had slightly more visitors back in November when I got Dugg for my Tesla car story but my experience with Japadog making it on StumbleUpon brought almost as many. Digg spikes traffic by…a lot for a day or two (20,000) but StumbleUpon brought a smaller amount (a bit more than 2,500) each day for a whole week. Even though the number of visitors was a bit less, it looks like StumbleUpon users stick around and browse a bit more.

Hopefully August is just as awesome. I know it will kick off with another first at noon. Here’s a clue…stay tuned!

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