Vancouver 2010 Olympics: Day 2

by Ed Lau on February 14, 2010

Olympics, Olympic, Vancouver, 2010, protests, riot, vandalism

The second day of the 2010 Olympics started with quite a commotion as protesters resorted to violence and vandalism, trashing several stores on Georgia St. just before noon. Unfortunately, I wasn’t down there for photos since I was taking pictures downtown as well as on the Burrard St. bridge til almost 6am and I was still taking a nap. If you want to see pictures, check out Shot in Vancouver. From what I can see, several windows were smashed and there’s quite a few incidents involving scuffles between the police and the protesters. From folks on the ground near the action, I’m told that several protesters were intimidating pedestrians that were not involved and there may have been some conflicts between them and pro-Olympic crowds partying downtown.

I arrived downtown after today’s Dot Com Pho and by 2:30pm, all the damage done by the protesters had already been mostly repaired. Actually, all the newspaper boxes had been cleaned up and all windows were already fixed except one. The last was the window of The Bay, which was almost done by the time I got there. Of course, with such ridiculous antics from protesters earlier, it was no surprise that in general, people saw them extremely negatively. One lady was standing outside the broken Bay window with the following sign.

The best thing about all this is…for the most part, no one seems to know anything about the protesters’ agendas and issues. I find myself in the vast minority here since I know exactly what they’re on about. I mean, I have no interest in any of it but I know what’s going on. However, most people I spoke to and conversations I overheard in downtown Vancouver sounded roughly the same.

“Geez, what happened here? What were those guys protesting about anyways?

“No idea…but who cares? Only a bunch of idiots would do stuff like this.”

So there you have it, protesters. Your goal was to disrupt the games? You may have gotten a few more police officers downtown for an hour or two but in less than three, everything was cleaned up and looked like business as usual. Plus, everyone thinks you’re a bunch of jackasses and that VANOC was justified in spending that extra amount on event security.

Understandably, a lot of people are upset by this and I’ve heard rumors of people gathering the next time the protesters assemble for…well, less than peaceful conflict resolution. However, that’s probably just giving them the attention that they want. If you really want to shove it in their face, people of Vancouver…just ignore them. Put on your red mittens and party like you’ve never partied before! Show them that they can’t ruin our fun.

For more on the day’s events, check out local social media coverage at Miss604 and Duane Storey.

Olympics, Olympic, Vancouver, 2010, dance, flash crowd

Of course, being the Olympics, there’s all sorts of awesomeness happening downtown. It didn’t start well, though…with my parking meter telling me I somehow failed at parking.

Myself and Darthchilli came across a flash crowd, dancing in the middle of Robson Street.

Olympics, Olympic, Vancouver, 2010, dance, flash crowd

Olympics, Olympic, Vancouver, 2010, dance, flash crowd

Will even managed to win a t-shirt from CTV…

…while I got some light up plastic noisemakers.

Oh, and earlier in the day, I was in the middle of the celebrations on Granville St. as well as checking out the lights from Burrard. Those pictures I’ll post later. At around 4:30am, I was at the site of the Olympic cauldron, which is mostly fenced off to the public for the time being. I imagine they will be for another couple days before they’re ready to open it up.

Olympics, Olympic, Vancouver, 2010, cauldron, torch, flame

Lastly (but not least), congratulations to Jenn Heil for winning the silver in moguls, the first of Canada’s medals in 2010! Also congrats for great performances from Chloe Dufour-Lapointe (she’s only 18 and placed 5th!), Kristi Richards (that last jump was awesome!) as well as our athletes in the men’s 1500m speed skating, with Olivier Jean taking 4th.

I’ll be following the Olympics closely for the next two weeks so stay tuned!

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Brett @ February 15, 2010 at 11:42 pm

Nice lookin pics, both those with Johns video are great.


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