Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show ’06 Reviewed

by Ed Lau on December 6, 2006

I said a couple weeks ago that I was excited that the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was fast approaching once again and it certainly didn’t disappoint…although it is rather hard for any show with beautiful women in lingerie to do any wrong.

This year marks one of the first I’ve seen without Heidi Klum, who is out of the lineup pregnant with another baby Seal.  I was pleasantly surprised that she was still in the show as a host of sorts.  I can’t get enough of her voice, that unbelievably hot but playful semi-broken English with a German accent, so the more she talks the better.  She seems like she’s really weird and fun.  I can’t say the same for Adriana Lima.  She’s hot like fire but every time she opens her mouth, it reminds me of some…I don’t even wanna say it.  Just freakin’ wrong.  She just shouldn’t talk…it just ruins it despite being one of my favorite Victoria’s Secret girls.  Even though most of the girls are supermodels, there are always a few that are superstars.  Without Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum in the show this year, joining Adriana, Gisele Bundchen, Alessandra Ambrosio and Karolina Kurkova as headliners are Izabel Goulart, another hot Brazilian (one of four in the headlining six.  Karolina is Czech.) and Selita Ebanks, who I find annoying as hell.  Seriously, I don’t even know why…she’s just too perky and also not as hot as the others in the show.  Just my preference probably.

Justin Timberlake opened the show with Sexyback.  There really isn’t a better song for the show this year than this and the red light district-like backdrop looked amazing.  Timberlake is rather talented and much more entertaining than last year’s Ricky Martin and Seal.  However, I could’ve done without the mellowed out version of My Love that started the second half of the show.  Seriously, when that started, I just though “Oh no, they ruined the freakin’ song.”.  All that song has is the ridiculously awesome Timbaland beat.  Without it, it’s just another boring boy-band ballad.  Luckily, the beat kicked in after a subpar first verse.  Overall, his songs were great for the show.  You guys have all seen the hotties shaking their ass to Sexyback at the club.  Imagine the hottest freakin’ women on the planet shaking their ass to the same.  Yeah, that’s right.

The music stood out for me for last year’s show.  All the mixes were perfect.  This year started off with a mix of Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus and some other girl-band song I don’t recognize.  The music was perfect for that bad girl look that Adriana Lima has as she walks out and points at the camera.  Hot.  That second girl with the low rise panties, the thigh-high boots and the amazing physique…holy crap.  This sequence also had Morgane Dubled, who you will recognize as the cutest girl on the runway but also the one with the absolute worst walk…she’s just all over the place.  She doesn’t have the ultra confident model strut that the other girls have…but it’s forgivable since she’s cute as hell.  You could see Robbie Williams in the audience just shaking his head like “Holy s**t…”. 

The hot flight attendant sequence played with a song by The Killers which fit oddly well.  Andi Muise, another of my favorites from the 2005 show came on wearing a top that I’d think was a held together by a red piece of duct tape.  Hot.  The show wouldn’t be complete with some kind of mistake and this year is no different as Karolina Kurkova’s shoe came off, similar to what happened last year.

I really could’ve done without the next sequence though as they sped up Kelis’ Bossy and mixed it with some kind of circus music that made it sound entirely too fast for the girls to walk to.  It was just annoying.  The original song would’ve been perfect with that old g-funk-like beat for the girls to strut to.  That would’ve been sexy as hell.  Following this was another scene with JT doing the robot and the girls dancing backstage.  Clubbing with these chicks looks like it would be a hell of a night out.

Sorry to all the Scottish people I offend but bagpipes just aren’t hot.  However, all the girls done up with tartan stuff was.  It’s just all kinds of naughty schoolgirl stuff…but better.  Kudos to whoever thought of this.  It cuts to another boring song though but I could care less as Andi Muise comes back on. 

Giselle says something that I never thought I’d hear any model say “Let’s just do this quick, I’m hungry!” after the headlining girls argue about who says what.  The end sequence begins with a bunch of people dressed as a church choir dance in the background that was previously the red light district setting.  It was a bit weird but then Karolina Kurkova comes out in a diamond studded bra, looking just amazing.  Actually, all the girls looked great in this last one in all the white and diamonds.

The end had an angel flying down onto the runway much like in 2003.  I was almost hoping for it to be one of the models who would tear off the weird angel costume and then take a walk on the runway.  Overall, not a bad show although the music wasn’t as sexy as years past and, I noticed that the clothing was much less…skimpy.  It seemed like they were wearing more and more this year although you’d still never mistake this for a regular fashion show.  And seriously, someone needs to fire whoever thought it would be a good idea to mix Bossy with some circus music when Bossy would’ve been sexy as hell for this show.

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Carl December 6, 2006 at 11:28 pm

I downloaded this in HDTV 1080i. I’ll be watching it tonight! The pics look hot, and in HDTV it is gonna be so sweet :D

I checked out the first 5 minutes or so, and these models aren’t that talented.. Maybe it’s because I have watched ANTM since day one, or I am turning gay, but I watch these models and think “man they have no skill! what happened to the supermodel industry!?!?”

But then I look down a bit and.. oh my :D


Stephen December 15, 2006 at 8:22 pm

I watched it live on HD. It was sweet, though at the end, if you look closely (and I was looking) some of the models didn’t look like they cared anymore :(


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