YouTube is the pinnacle of human ingenuity for 2006

by Ed Lau on November 6, 2006

It just keeps getting better for these guys, doesn’t it?

There was little doubt (other than that of Mark Cuban) that YouTube was destined for greatness especially after Google’s recent acquisition of the video sharing giant for a reported $1.6 billion in stock. Sources report that YouTube has won Time Magazine’s ‘Invention of the Year’, apparently beating a vaccine that prevents a STD that causes cancer and…a shirt that simulates hugs. No, you read that right.

While any advance in the fight against cancer is certainly noteworthy, it is undeniable that YouTube has changed the internet by allowing people to post videos of idiots slapping each other in the face with raw fish and attention whores doing exactly what they do best. You can find just about anything on that site. If you can’t, then whatever you were looking for probably isn’t awesome enough.

Source: MSNBC 

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